Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cycling & Jogging to East Coast Park!

Cycling & Jogging to East Coast Park!

woken u by my lil bro at 7am!! washed up, prep, pump air into the bicycle tyres, and off we head to East Coast Park! He Jogged while i Cycled! I can no longer keep up with him unlike in the past! I've since lost my stamina, and obviously his stamina improved ever since he got enlisted! haa~

Cycled all the way from my place to ECP, took a short break at the jetty and took some photos before we head to McDonalds for Breakfast! after which strolled a little to allow our food to digest before we continued on our journey back home~ =)

It was a lovely day indeed! Awesome weather, with the sun rising and shining, pretty clouds and cooling breeze~ =) I LOVE! ♥

the beautiful scenery! =) i love the sun rise! too bad didnt manage to snap it when it just rise though! this is taken at about 7-ish to 8am!

Us in Lomo Effect! =) i LIKE!

Us at the Jetty~ Bro kept squinting his eyes cuz he says its too bright and the sun is shining into his eyes! haha! i was trying hard to open my eyes too! LOL!

Yours Truly~

Us at McDonalds during breakfast!

Gonna be doing this often if possible! =) Gotta start leading a healthy lifestyle to get myself well charged for this new year!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Root Canal Treatment Done!

Root Canal Treatment Done!

woke up early this morning and head down to my dentist with lotsa butterflies in my tummy! yeap i was so frightened that my tummy started to hurt just as i was about to reach the place~

he first checked on my teeth, after which did an x-ray. after looking at the 2D xray, he initially thought it aint as bad and had wanted to do a refilling to try save the tooth first. and so he gave me a jab to numb the area, after which proceeded to remove the fillings that was in place. that was when he found out that the tooth had cracked further than expected or as shown in the 2D x-ray that was done. thus without hesitation he started on the root canal treatment by first drilling a hole and then removing the nerves in the affected tooth! subsequently they place some medication into the area to disinfect the tooth before filling it back up~ and Wala~ DONE!

Guess it aint as scary as i thought it would be! Phew~ I know it does sound pretty scary, which is the reason why i was so afraid til i literally shivered throughout the whole process! Til the dentist told me i can rinse my mouth , and i asked if it is done, that i realized i had survived through one of my greatest fear with no pain at all! ok except for the first jab to numb the gums though. haa!

Yay to me! =) for conquering my fear of needles, fear of dentist, fear of root canal! hehe!

i had mentally prepared myself for more pain after the numbness has fade off and also for the next few days as warned by some friends , but to my surprise i didnt feel any pain at all! the only pain is the sore i get when i bite on that tooth! and so now i can only chew on my left, and avoid eating hard stuff! hopefully the sore would go off soon!

gotta go back again next week to check on the tooth! if there aint anymore infection what so ever, he will officially fill it back up with better fillings and case closed for the time being! =) weeeeeeeee~

Friday, January 29, 2010

Not in the best of mood...

Not in the best of mood...

woke up and im back to reality again...the first thought that hit my mind was the failure..

my day havent start out right...

subsequently i suffered from a bad headache....

either due to the terrible weather, or im just thinking too much...

then i saw some nonsense shit out there which was humiliating me.....

i couldnt take it anymore...argh!!

im fuming! my bad temper is back! so please dont step on my tail today!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Failed Terribly.......

Failed Terribly.......

Slept pretty late last night and we ended up waking very very late today! and i really mean late! 4ish-pm to be exact! lazed around further and watched tv before we head to ECP for our first meal of the day~! It would have been another person's dinner, but was our breakfast! LOL!

our foodie at ECP~ Beef Noodles, Satay, Chicken Wings, and our Sugar Cane Drink~

after eating, we head home to watch HongKong drama til 11ish-pm before i packed up and we head to have our favorite Pig Kidney Mee Sua near my place~ i've always like the Mee Sua and the soup there! Yummylicious~ and that was also our 2nd and last meal of the day! After which Dear send me home for the night~

Our Pig Kidney Mee Sua~ My Luohan Longan Drink, and his Chestnut Drink~

All was well til i got home....Hell broke~ i saw my result slip lying on the table with one the results for my last examination.......

I Failed.....

i couldnt believe it! i knew i would do badly for it....but i thought i would at least pass!

Once again, History repeated itself!

During my Diploma, i also failed 1 paper during my last semester. And now for my Degree, i failed yet another paper during the last semester! Its a curse! i can nv graduate at the same time as my fellow classmates... sigh....

Feeling so demoralize.... i had intended to look for a job, but with this has cause a lil barrier for me! It would be kinda 'Not3Not4' (不三不四) if i were to start work now~ firstly cuz CNY is coming, and now cuz i would have to study yet AGAIN for the supp paper which would be on the 16March~ and if i work, i would have to take leave for that paper, and it wont reflect well on me having to take leave on a new job~

sigh..this stupid failure has caused me so much trouble! argh!!! waste my time, waste my money!! and now i feel so worried bout my other result....and also for my project..... sigh.... worried worried worried......

so disappointed with myself yet again... i SHOULD have done well, since i aint working....Instead everyone around me who are working scored so much better than me.....ARGH!! I HATE NUMBERS! I HATE MATH!!! Math is also the reason why i didnt go poly, cuz i didnt do well for it in my O's and thus couldnt get into the course i wanted, and am only left with the other choices which i totally have no interest in! ARGH! Oh yea i forgotten to mention, this paper i failed is on Capital Market, Investment and Finance! =( *sulks*

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shopping! Movie! Bears! Love!

Shopping! Movie! Bears! Love!

yesterday, after im done with my chores, went to Tanjong Pagar to meet Dear, before we took the train to Outram and walked down to Chinatown! Chinese New Year is coming thus Chinatown is once again filled with lotsa shops selling CNY goodies, and etc.! As its still pretty early, the crowd aint very bad yet! Strolled around to see if we needed anything, before we eventually decide to leave for home~ We didnt buy anything as he didnt drive, and we didnt wanna carry lotsa stuff home via public transport! But we'll be heading down again soon, the next time we would be driving of cuz! haha! Along the way to the bus stop, Dear spotted a stall selling peanut sesame balls! had been craving for it for sometimes, but didnt manage to find it, or its all sold out! thus Dear bought them for me! haha! =) And off we boarded the bus to Bedok to packet our dinner before taking another bus to head home~

as for today, we woke up, washed up, and off we went to Plaza Singapura~ parked the car, and our first stop was to get our movie tickets for 'Sherlock Holmes!'. After which we proceeded to the arcade and Dear caught me the white with pink stripes Tigger! weeeee~ we then place the Tigger back in the car, before we walk over to Midpoint Orchard to have Burger King for Brunch~ After eating we went to John Little to shop~ Dear bought lotsa essentials and stuff, and also bought me my Gel eyeliner and Hair Dye~ haha! weeeeee~ and since CNY is coming, with every purchase, they gave us Tigger red packets! i like!! hehe! =)

some of our shopping bags~ and the stuff he got for me with the Tigger red packet! =)

After which we headed back to Plaza Singapura to place our stuff in the car and head to catch more bears again! this time round, with just 1 dollar, he caught yet another plushie! but we exchanged it for a Doraemon speakers~ As they ran out of stock for it, we placed our names and contact and will be going back to collect it in a few days once the stock arrives!

Then we went to Levis to get myself a pair of jeans! The Trade-In-Your-Old-Jeans for $50 deal is Da Bomb!! For once my Levis Jeans is so much cheaper!! haha! Then we went to POA, where dear got himself a pair of pants, and we shopped around a little before heading in to the theater for our movie at 7pm!

I must say, this show is a MUST watch! Very interesting story line! and i've always like Sherlock Holmes! Its basically about the Detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his stalwart partner, Watson, engaging in a battle of wits and brawn with a nemesis whose plot is a threat to all of England!!


after the movie, we head back to the arcade to continue on our mission! This time round, we played a new machine! not by just catching the bear itself, and not the huge sweet catching jackpot machine either, instead its a miniature of the huge sweet catching jackpot machine. Only this machine catches gold chocolate coins, and we're suppose to push the coins down~ The mission here is to collect as much gold chocolate coins with a blue sticker that has the arcade logo chopped on it! and we ended up having 10 of them!! With that, we exchanged for a huge Tigger that holds a prosperous CNY wording, and 3 little cutesy Minnie mouse, Mickey mouse, and Donald duck! =)

the chocolate gold coins! the 2 tiggers! and the 3 lil cutesies!

after which we had intended to go to Selegie for the soya beancurd! but it was extremely packed!! thus we left and head to Geylang for Pig Organ soup and packet Rochor soya beancurd and 'You Tiao' home instead! =)

our pig organ soup at Geylang~ i forgotten to snap our Rochor beancurd and 'You Tiao' though!

Thanks my sweety Dear for the wonderful day out, for all the plushies you've caught for me, for all the stuff that u've gotten for me, for the movie, and also for satisfying all my cravings! Hehe!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010



just visited the dentist today for a checkup to find out which tooth was giving me problem~ and its confirmed to be the tooth that had to go through root canal!

and so happened my dentist wasnt around today, thus had to rearrange another appointment on saturday to get it done at another dental clinic at Clementi! so far..*sulks* but no choice~

gosh now i have to continue enduring the pain for a few more days, and continue being anxious!

besides that, im also anxious about my results which might be coming out anytime soon! *screams* prays hard i'll get thru all of it!!

i couldnt slp well last night as i was worried that i might have to go through the root canal process today! and dear couldnt accompany me to the dentist as he had to go to work. and so we took the train together, i alighted at my place while he continued on the journey to work.

as for now, gonna go bath Muffin and do some chores before i meet dear again for dinner after he knock off~ =)

oh yea, and dear gotten me a new Tigger plushie!! weeeeeee~ so adorable! =)


and i just saw this online! VERY NICE! Outfit for my dearest iPhone! Tigger Silicon Casing! i want!! Will be looking out for it! hopefully can find it in Singapore~ ele i'll have to ship it in!~ hehe! =)


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Its a Lazy Saturday~

Its a Lazy Saturday~

its been an eventful Friday(yesterday 22jan2010) for me, and i slept pretty late~ but still i woke up very early this morning.. i dont know why either.. no one woke me up, my tooth didnt ache last night nor this morning, and the sun wasnt shining into my room either.. and i didnt have anything on or anything that needs to be done today..

anyway woke up and ate Pizza for breakfast, followed by my favorite Char Siu rice for lunch, and i basically lazed around the whole day, watching tv, playing games on my iPhone, played with Muffin, Facebooking, and just stare into blank at times... had a Char siu bao and a bowl of my favorite Honeystars cereal with milk for dinner, chatted on the phone with Mr N, continue facebooking and playing games on my iPhone...

didnt feel like doing anything productive, nor going anywhere... feeling pretty moody and lazy~ tooth still aching at times, stomach feeling crampy, and the weather was extremely humid i had to keep showering~

anyway gonna continue 'nua'ing around abit more before i head to bed for the night to end my lazy day, lazily~

BTW, will blog about my eventful Friday(yesterday 22jan2010) as soon as i get hold of the photos from Jerrain Da Jie! =)

Sidetrack abit, i simply love my iPhone lots!! it keeps me occupied when im bored and lazy to get out of bed, accompanies me when im bored and alone in the MRT train, cause theres lotsa fun and wonderful applications to play with!

A few of the applications i just downloaded are:
- Whatsapp
- Tap Tap Ants
- Facebook
- eBuddy
- Uno
- Twitterific
- Straits Times
- Horoscopes
- Word Warp
- Word Search
- Scramble 2
- Tap Tap Revenge 3
- Bad Apples
- Mangia
- Tower blox
- Crazy Neighbours
- TapDefense
- Critter Crunch
- Bubbles Lab
- Bowling
- Unblock Me
- CanShooter
- Galcon
- Puzzle Bubble
- Who has the biggest Brain?
- Tiki
- Spot the Difference
- etc....
(many many more!!)

and the best part far those i downloaded, all are free! except 1! haha! But there are a couple more games im thinking of downloading which have to be paid though! LOL! namely, Monopoly, Cooking Mama, etc~ This is so addictive, but i LOVE ♥! =p

Friday, January 22, 2010



Toothache = One of the worst excruciating physical pain ever!

Sulks~ In pain for the past few days and especially at nights! At times it hurts for only awhile, and the pain goes off. At times it hurts badly for a long long time! Last night, it starts to hurt just as i lay in bed about to sleep! and the pain lasted the whole night!! End up i couldnt get to sleep! Toss and turn in bed, but refuse to pop pain killers as i've had too much of them this life time~ I dont even know what time i finally manage to doze off~

Sigh!! suspects its my Wisdom tooth giving me problems~ Just called my dentist to make an appointment~ Gonna drop by for a visit next tuesday~ Hope he can find out where the pain is coming from and get it solved! If its really the wisdom tooth, then i'll just have to get rid of them ASAP!

Oh God
! please spare me from this excruciating pain!! Let me have a good sleep tonight and for the next few nights til i get the problem tooth out!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

my new Toy has a new outfit and Durians are ♥!

my new Toy has a new outfit and Durians are ♥!

the day before, which is on Monday(18Jan) evening, after im done with my chores and bathing Muffin, Mr N and his family came to pick me up and we head to Changi Village to have Nasi Lemak for dinner and ordered the yummy Milo Dinosaur!! been a long time since i last drank that as i think its kinda too sweet and pretty fattening!! thus i had stopped drinking it for a long time! But didnt know why i suddenly craved for it yesterday and sweety Mr N got them for me! =)

Milo Dinosaur! Looks nice and yummy right! =)

after dinner happened to spot a mobile phone shop nearby, and decided to go take a look, and ended up buying a new outfit for my new toy!! =)

My New Toy (iPhone) has a new Outfit! A PINK silicon casing!
i like!! cuz its pink~ and chosen by both me and Mr N! finally protection from potential scratches for its body!
gonna be sending it to put the g-mask soon! then it'll have a new skin to protect its face from scratches too! hehe! =)

after which went to Loyang TPK temple to pray and head home to watch some HongKong Drama til morning before we head to sleep for the night.

Yesterday(Tuesday, 19Jan), woke up and we had wanted to head down to Orchard to do some retail therapy, but end up we woke up late and his mum and bro didnt wanna go, thus we decided to call it off, and head to Marine Parade to have the yummy wanton noodles for our lunch, drank our favorite bubble tea and did some window shopping before heading over to fetch his dad from work. after which his dad went to run some errands while we waited in the car and played a game on my new toy (iPhone) that we're both addicted to right now, Word Warp! cracked our heads til we're both mentally exhausted! haha!

after which head home to pick the rest of his family up and we head to Bedok Reservoir for dinner before heading home and continued playing Word Warp til Mr N and his siblings felt hungry, and so we decided to drive out to Bedok 85 to packet some food back to eat. had wanted to eat my favorite soya beancurd which i craved for, but by the time we reached, the stall was already closed. feeling disappointed, i didnt have anymore appetite to eat anything else, til Mr N suggested to buy Durians!! Cuz i had craved for it a few days ago, and that sweety boy remembered! and so off we went to buy Durians home!

Durians are ♥!
Be it durian itself, durian puff, durian cake, durian iceshave, durian icecream or even durian pancake! anything with durian is yummy! =)

upon reaching home ate my durians and we continued watching our HongKong drama til we were both tired and headed to sleep.

as for Today, woke up very early as he had to go to work. washed up, packed up and left home. took a cab as he didnt wanna drive to work, send him to work first before i head home myself. and i spend the rest of today doing chores as usual~

Monday, January 18, 2010

Problem Solved!

Problem Solved!

the problem i posted yesterday on my plugging in my iPhone to my Acer Laptop which causes a shutdown and restart with an error message has been SOLVED!!!

Search online and asked around, and here is the solution for other iPhone users who may also encounter the same problem! =)

Solution: Simply email the photos in your Camera Roll album if you want to transfer or back them up, and DELETE all of them off! Even if there is ONLY 1 photo in the camera roll album, the problem will occur!

Note: This doesnt apply to all laptops or desktops. Only certain ones.

Reason due to: iPhone drain too much power from your computer, thats way the computer is shutting down to protect your system.

If you want to transfer via computer, you may have to try another laptop or computer or system that is able to do so. Just like me, i simply use my bro's laptop or my other Lenovo mini notebook! =)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

busy day~

busy day~

had wanted to bring Muffin to Sentosa to meet his doggy friends to play again~
had wanted to meet Mr N~
had wanted to Bath Muffin~
had wanted to sleep longer~

but~ alas i couldnt do any of the above~

cuz i was too busy helping out my parents with spring cleaning of the storeroom and my room!! gosh, so much to clear!!! faints~

plus i was really tired!! cuz i slept very late last night trying to figure out whats wrong with my lappy! well, i was happily syncing files and songs to my iPhone, midway, my lappy suddenly popped a blue screen with an error message and restarted!! upon restarting, it popped a message with says my comp just recovered from a serious error! -.-"

i didnt think much of it at first, and decided to try again! this time and subsequent time its worst! upon plugging in my iPhone, within a few seconds, the same problem occurred, and my lappy restarted once again! i tried a couple of times before i eventually gave up! tried removing the iTune program (cuz there was a message which says there is some itune files error), tried scanning for virus and spybots, and removing them all, tried anything within my means, still cant!! sigh~

and when i tried it on my bro's lappy, NO problem~ -.-"

think i'll likely reformat my comp when im free and try again~ if still cant means, my lappy or the HDD is definitely damaged! sigh~

my lappy is aging~ and dying soon!!! who wants to sponsor me with a new one! haha!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Custard's 2nd Birthday at K9 Cafe!

Custard's 2nd Birthday at K9 Cafe!

prepared all of Muffin's essentials and off we went to K9 Cafe located at Turf Club Road~ Gosh, its really a place thats inconvenient to get there if u aint driving! and even if u are driving there for the first time, there is a high possibility u may get lost, miss the turn, overshoot the road and go into turf city, and cant find the place!!

well, u guessed it! all that happened to me! LOL! i droved right into Turf City, and then i drove to Ah Yat restaurant, an then to some kindergarten, and to the old horse stable! -.-" after making many turns and asking for directions, i FINALLY found the place~

and when i finally found the place, i realise it is really very cramp in there, and theres only a small road leading in! limited car park lots as well! thank god i did find a lot to park though~

upon reaching, saw a few familiar faces(Joanne, YunXin, ShinYu, Mdm Leow), chatted, let Muffin play with his doggy friends(Custard, Jacky, JiaJia, Oreo, Cody, Peppy, Pepper, etc) , and eat a little. then it was cake cutting time, photo snapping, and more chatting, til Muffin got attacked by 2 outsider's dogs! a Jack Russel and a Westie~ gosh~ theres so many dogs there, i wonder what Muffin did, that made them attack him! Poor Muffin! Screamed and whine and ran for his life~ we were all shocked and faster went to check out what happened. i then quickly rescued Muffin up~ He must have gotten quite a shock! cuz he was shivering very badly when i hug him! Damn the 2 dog owners who let their dogs loose and not watch over them, knowing they are so aggressive!!

Some of the doggies that were present~
(Top left to Bottom Right: Jacky, Custard, Bubbles, Cody and Muffin!)

ShinYu and her birthday boy, Custard, with the lovely Apple shaped birthday cake!


anyway after it all, went home and Muffin slept right thru til dinner, and we brought him out for a walk again~ =)

Friday, January 15, 2010

i've gotten my iPhone 3Gs in White! =)

i've gotten my iPhone 3Gs in White! =)

Yeap~ Finally! after a long wait, Mr N finally brought me down to Tampines Mall today to recontract my line and get my iPhone 3Gs!

Happy Happy~ =)

now i know y so many people are using it! cuz its really good! weeeeeee~


now thinking if i should put a pretty G-mask or get the pink silicon casing~ hmmmmmm~

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Updates of the past few days~

Updates of the past few days~

sorry for the lack of updates!! been busy these days! im either not home, with Mr N, or at home doing chores and spring cleaning~

in fact, TODAY i feel a sense of satisfaction! woke up early in the morning (though i slept at 4am last night! my curtains was taken down to wash~ thus the sun was shining in! as usual its way too bright for me continue sleeping!!), i clean the windows of 3 rooms, wash the clothes, hang the clothes, fold a basket of clothes, iron a mountain of clothes, vacuum the floor and bathed my darling Muffin! gosh~ and im physically tired right now though my brain is pretty much awake~ haha!

anyway just a quick run thru since my last update on Friday~

Saturday 9Jan2010
we went to Orchard to look for his cousin's birthday present. we had wanted to look for the carpark, but ended up at the valet parking! haha, more like we got stopped by them and they just came over to open our doors! gave us quite a shock! but at least it saves us the time to look for parking lots since its a busy crowded saturday! and so off we went to shop from Orchard Central to 313, etc, before we eventually settled for a pair of shoes from Geox! and off we went to Riverview Hotel for Japanese food! Nope its no longer Ginga Japanese Restaurent that i used to love and frequent! The restaurant have since changed! Its now Irodori Japanese Restaurant! The layout, design, atmostphere, menu, everything have changed! Though the food is not too bad, but i personally still prefer the previous one (Ginga)! Cuz the Sashimi at Ginga is much more fresh and well sliced! But at Irodori, there is much more varieties and at a lower price as well (compared to Ginga)!~
Well it was Mr N's cousin, Vivian's 17th bday~ and thus her parents have treated us all and their relatives for dinner~ After dinner, we all went down to have a stroll and enjoyed the breeze and took some photos at the bridge just behind Riverview Hotel, before eventually heading home~

Happy 17th Bday Vivian!Photobucket
with his cousins and their partners~

Upon reaching home, waited for Mr N to pack his soccer stuff before he send me to Boatquay, Whiskey Bar, while he went for his usual soccer game with his friends. Met Jerrain and Fion at Whiskey Bar and we played games, chatted and enjoyed our chicken wings and booze~ Buckets of Heineken and a jug of Tiger~ Then Fion went to TCC to get the surprise birthday cake for Jerrain while i kept her occupied to avoid suspicion!! Well the whole meet up was very last minute, and thus i didnt manage to get her anything yet! so after some discussion with Fion while Jerrain was away, we decided to share on a birthday cake for her! haha! and the liveband singer even sang her a birthday song and gotten everyone in the Pub to sing along! haha! Hope my darling Da Jie is feeling happy that night! =)


Happy Birthday Da Jie! =) hope u like the surprise strawberry bday cake we got ya!

with the chicken wings~ Jerrain nv fails to try out the chicken wings whenever we go drinking!
Fion helping out to cut and distribute the cake! Both me and Jerrain aint good with the cake cutting! LOL!

The stage and the singer for the day~

[i seriously need a new camera soon! so i wont have to always rely other people's camera~ neither do i have to keep waiting, pestering or begging for photos to be send!~*sulks* most of the time, i nv get to see the photos at all, and didnt even receive those photos either! I WANT A NEW CAMERA ASAP]

Sunday 10Jan2010
was with Mr N and his family and we went to Vivocity to shop and eat at Pu Tien~ yummylicious food! but i didnt have much appetite that day, thus didnt eat much~ at night we just packet some food from Tampines and head home to eat while watching TV~

Monday 11Jan2010
still with Mr N, brought his mum to Parkway parade in the afternoon for lunch and shopped around~ and i bought myself a new pair of pumps from Puma, chosen by Mr N! Yay~ and in the evening, went to pick his dad and we went to Pasir Ris White sand for dinner with his family, and after which went to Bedok 85 to look for Kevin, and Mr N bought me a new dress~ weeeeee~ and we played a very fun game called 'Shoot the Duck!' basically we use a gun (which seem pretty real, the impact was so hard that Mr N's arm hurts after awhile due to the recoil! thank god my arms are strong! haha! cuz i didnt feel anything from it though i could definitely feel the strong recoil!), bought pellets to fill the gun and try to shoot a very small duck placed on the racks~ with every successful hit, meaning the whole duck topples backward or forward, we win the prize thats beside the duck! had wanted to win the Hello Kitty lamp, or Lava lamp, but failed terribly~ haha! but nonetheless, Mr N still manage to hit 1, and won a SuperMario Plushie~ haha! better than nothing i guess!! we watched many others try it, but so far those that we saw, none of them won anything! so i should i happy i guess! LOL! and we also tried once on another game called 'Hit the Cans', where all the cans must drop with the basket of 5 sponge balls to win prizes~ if at least 1 can is left standing, there would only be a consolation prize of a cutie dragonfly handphone chain! haha! and yea, u guessed it, we gotten the cutie dragonfly handphone chain! haha! =p

My New Puma Pumps chosen by Mr N! =)
the dress from Mr N! flowery~ and pretty! he's got gd taste!

the Mario Plushie and cutie dragonfly handphone chain!

Tuesday 12Jan2010 (Yesterday)
also with Mr N, brought his mum to Tampines for lunch at Din Tai Fung! after lunch, we walked around and shopped from Tampines Mall, to Century Square to Tampines One! didnt buy anything but i did bump into my god niece Lisa! been awhile since i last saw her, chatted abit before we parted~ Mr N's sis came down after school and we left Tampines Central, headed to Safra to pick his bro and went home to change car~ his car (Subaru STI) could not fit so many people~ and so we had to change to his dad's car, Grandis, which is a 7seater, before heading to pick his dad. We then went to HP headquaters to purchase his laptop adapter (as his adapter has spoilt) before we went to Queensway for dinner and shopped around~ had the yummy katong laksa and muah chee~ and Mr N bought me a pair of shorts! weeeeeeee~ after which later at night, he send me home~

Friday, January 8, 2010

Madness~ Randomness~

Madness~ Randomness~

did lotsa spring cleaning and chores yesterday! clean the windows, vacuum the floor, iron the clothes, fold the clothes~

after which i washed up and prep and head out to Orchard to meet sweety Caelyn! =) was so happy to see her~ cuz the last time i met her was before my exams! tts quite some time already!! anyway upon meeting, we were both hungry and thus headed to Mos Burger for dinner and catched up! after which we shopped around from Taka, to Wisma, to Ion~ didnt really buy much this time as im really very broke now and need a job badly! only bought 2 pairs of earrings from Diva, while she bought my favourite chocolates, Royce!

after which most of the shops were already closed and so we decided to sit on the benches outside Ion and started snapping photos~ trust me its the first time we really had so much fun and laughters taking those photos! haha! cuz we did lotsa stupid nonsensical faces! hahaha! anyway after awhile we decided to move our butts and walk around, but soon find ourselves sitting again outside Taka~ thats when we realise, we're always sitting outside the LV boutiques! haha! we didnt choose those spots on purpose. We just simply let our feets and butts decide where to sit. haha! anyway after much chatting, her bf, Vic came down, and we proceeded to chill out at Acid Bar! =)

us at orchard~ outside Ion~ too bad i've only got these 2 photos~ caelyn refuse to send me the others as she says she doesnt look gd in them...*sulks*

its been quite a long long time since i last went there~ probably a year? hmm..but the place is still more or less the same i guess..and we headed in at the right time! shortly after we ordered our snacks and booze, the liveband started! weeeeeee~ i like!! cuz they sing so well! and they are really fun people! =) i ordered my all time favourite Hoe Gaarden, Caelyn had a Mango Margarita, while Vic had Bourbon Coke~ and we also had potato wedges and their yummylicious cantonese chicken wings! Super delicious!! =) anyway we continue snapping silly photos for awhile before we decided to call it a day and headed home~

us at Acid Bar with out drinks and snacks~

upon reaching home, came online to played some games while waiting for Mr N to reach home too, as he was out with his friends to celebrate his friend's bday. we then chatted on the phone and thats when hell broke~ we started to have a tiff~ sigh...really dread it... and i probably just wasnt in a fantastic mood these days, and so my temper became really bad.. we eventually ended the day and the phonecall with a "gdnight. bye." SLAMS.

sigh...ended the day badly...and guess what.... my day starts of miserably today....

i couldnt sleep for long....probably cuz the sun light was shining into my room and its way too bright for me to continue sleeping, my handphone rang, his sms came, and my mind was still pretty bothered by whatever that happened last night...


i just hope the rest of my day would be better...especially at night, as i'll be meeting him and we'll be heading to his cousin's daughter's 1mth chalet.......

as for now, im gonna immerse myself in my chores and continue spring cleaning~ clean the balcony glass door, wash my room fan, etc~ not gonna go think about anything else~ clean clean clean~ wipe wipe wipe~ wash wash wash~

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Geek Geek Geeky~

Geek Geek Geeky~

here is some pictures of yours truly with her new geeky specs! =)


I am looking for a chance to wear them out! hehe! =) but i've yet to get the lens changed! gonna do that soon! in the midst of finding clothings to match with them as well~ hehe!



Yeap this is the second time i did an advertorial for them! Aside from the fact that the owner is my friends, i'm really please with their excellent service, quick responses and awesome clothings! They are also very up to date with the latest fashion! =)

i recently just purchase yet another top from them! and i simply love it! good quality, fits me perfectly and looks great! =)

Yay! Package well received yesterday ! =)

i like the Y back design and the gold studs outlining alot! =)

here is the first Blue dress i gotten from them! which i wore to my cousin's wedding dinner recently~

Do Check them out right away as they are currently having a Chinese New Year collection and sales! Do grab your item QUICKLY as they run out of stock really quick! I had wanted the top i bought in white! but i was too slow! and it was already out of stock! thus i had to make do with the black one! But nonetheless i still like it! cuz i fancy the design! If you like this top as well, do check them out ASAP k! They come in 3 colors, White(OutOfStock), Black and Peach! Im unsure of the availablity right now, but you could still check with them or simply choose other pieces that u fancy! =)

Cheers! and Happy Shopping! =)

[Backdated!] Girls Nightout!

[Backdated!] Girls Nightout!

on the 19th December 2009, Saturday, headed down to Vivocity to meet Jerrain, and her 2 friends, Janet and Rachel~ I love making more new girl friends~ and they are both really friendly nice and sweet! =)

upon meeting up with them we head to St James~ had wanted to go to Dragonfly first to get their bags which were in the locker~ well they had went down for some event thingy earlier on~ but the queue was horrendous~ and so i called Nathalia~ and she happen to be at The Boiler~ and so off we head to The Boiler first to get myself in~ upon settling down at Nath's table, met with the other WG people~ had Tequila Shots, Tequila Pop, Submarine, and beer~ watched the live band there before the girls decide to leave as they were pretty tired~ and so off we left Boiler~ Jerrain and I then took a cab and had wanted to go to Keppel Marina Bay to meet her friend, Hansen. but upon reaching we realized its closed and so we rerouted and stopped along Keppel Road and waited for Hansen to come pick us up before we head to Mr Bean, supposedly to chill. But both me and Jerrain craved for more drinks!! haha~ and so we ended up across the road at The Crew Room~ and shortly upon going in, bumped into my secondary school friend Vanessa and her bf Ronald! been awhile since i last saw them~ so was glad to see them there! =) anyway ordered a bucket of Heineken and some chicken wings~ played Five-Ten, Dice, etc. and its the first time in the whole of 3years of knowing Jerrain, that i kept losing to her in Five-Ten! gosh~ either i've deproved since i've not gone to such places and played this game for the LONGest time~ or she have improved~ or im just down on luck that day~ or im probably kinda distracted by some thoughts in my mind~ but in anyway im quite lucky cuz our punishment for that day wasnt to drink as we usually would, but instead i had to eat the awful tasting chicken wings~ hahaha! Well, thats cuz both of us girl had finished our bucket of drinks by then since Hansen couldnt drink much as he was driving~ and we had lotsa chicken wings leftover and didnt wanna waste it! haha!

anyway after that, headed over to Boatquay, Raining Bar to meet CT, Tiong and Felicia and continue drinking before Raining eventually closed and off we head to Club Nana~ All of us gotten our chops to enter except Felicia, as she had lost her wallet that day and didnt have any ID with her! and since she looks pretty young, the dumb bouncer didnt allow her in! and so we sat around thinking of other alternatives~ But by that time, i was kinda feeling terrible~ i wasnt drunk for sure as i know everything that was going on around me! But i felt like puking! -.-" gosh~ i hadnt puke in the longest time!! guess i either drink too fast that day, or cuz i didnt have dinner, or i mixed too many kinda alcohol for the night~ -.-" argh~ super awful feeling~ and super unglam! -.-" and so i left for home for the night~

in anyway, the night was great, with wonderful company of my lovely friends, except for an issue that had kinda affected me the whole night, thus causing me to drink more and faster than usual...sigh~

anyway thanks to Hansen for fetching us around and taking care of us! and also to Felicia for taking care of me when i puked! =)

oh well, whatever that is, here are some photos of the girls~ =)
(i didnt bring my camera that day, thus couldnt take much photos, and Jerrain's camera ran out of battery! sigh~)

Group shot at Boiler~

Jerrain and Me @ The Crew Room

Hansen and Jerrain @ The Crew Room

Me eating the awful tasting chicken wing! haha! yea i gotten comments that says i eat it in a way that it looks as if the chicken wings taste good! haha! cant help it! i always tend to make awful tasting food looks tasty! hahha! =p thus dont be fooled~ LOL!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

its a bad day~

its a bad day~

since the start of the morning, things hasnt been going well....

firstly, mummy kept bombing the house phone to wake me up to look for her handphone..

secondly, due to the first issue, i didnt get enough sleep and thus am quite grouchy...

thirdly, mummy eventually realize she really lost her handphone which she bought recently and on top of that loses lots of her contacts..

fourthly, i chanced upon some stuff i didnt want to see...and became pretty upset about...

fifth, due to my lack of sleep, i suffer from a bad running nose the whole day! and now my nose is very red and in pain!

sixth, my god sister called and told me its a bad day for her too~ and ended up ranting to me for a few hours~ (im not complaining~ my emphasis her is that she is also having a bad day~ glad im able to lend a listening ear and share some advices~)

seventh, the bag i wanted is out of stock! sad...cuz i really like it and want it badly!

eighth, i accidentally tore my contact lens while in the midst of washing it! *sulks* i like that color alot and I've only wore it for 2 times!

tell else is my day not bad? =(

wishing tomorrow would be a better day for me! looking forward to meeting Caelyn tomorrow~ gonna continue on my search for that bag i like! eat some nice foodie! and im sure my sweetie will cheer me up as well! =)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Its time for Spring Cleaning again!

Its time for Spring Cleaning again!

How time flies! Yes its the time of the year for spring cleaning again!! Chinese New Year is approaching very soon! This year its on the 14th February 2010! which collides with Valentines Day!

every year my family starts spring cleaning bout 1mth before Chinese New Year as we've got so much to clean up! plus my parents are working, thus they only do so on weekends, after work or when they apply for leave~ in fact my mum had started yesterday~ and i started today~ we feel that starting early is better as we wont have to rush when the time really comes, plus we could do at a slower relax pace rather that tiring ourselves out by then if we do rush and try to do many chores in a day~

on top of that, its also time to shop for NEW clothes, bags, shoes, lingerie!! and also time to doll up, clean up and stock up chinese new year goodies and prepare to welcome the chinese festive season!

im not exactly very excited actually, cause its almost the same every year! but im trying very hard to get into the mood that everyone else is in! haha!

anyway these few days i'll be busy with the housechores and spring cleaning! gonna be throwing lotsa unused, old, spoilt, useless and unwanted stuff~ clean the windows, pack my closet, change the curtains, change the sofa covers, rearrange some stuff in my room, pack the storeroom, etc etc~ get rid of as much dust and dirt as possible~

i kinda enjoy cleaning up my room! cuz i love it when its nice and neat! makes it more comfy to sleep in! but i do admit i've got wayyyy tooooo manyyyyy stuff!! too many plushies, figurines, decorative items, books, paper, notes, magazines, clothes, bags and lotsa miscellaneous~ haa!

anyway my White Samsung Omnia is Officially SOLD! same goes for Mr N's Samsung Omnia II! currently using my Mum's spare old Nokia phone that has a spoilt number 5 button which is kinda pissing me off!! haa~ but im gonna bear with it for awhile~ 1 more week til i get hold of my White iPhone 3GS 16GB! weeeeeeeee~

Monday, January 4, 2010

GoodBye Omnia and Omnia II~

GoodBye Omnia and Omnia II~

been hesitating for quite awhile and finally i've decided to let my Samsung Omnia go~ its a phone i like alot due to its functions and outlook~ and a phone i took very long to eventually finally got hold off. but now i've decided to let it go..

a few reasons behind my decision~ firstly cuz i worry it might die on me in time to come as a lil water had entered before~(though at the moment it is working perfectly fine~!) on top of that, it holds too many memories which are both hurtful yet memoriable, and my current bf isnt too happy about it.. plus its a new year and a new start to everything, and so i wanted a new phone to start afresh~ away from those past memories and past regrets, as i've made a new year resolution to put them away and behind me...

and after much consideration between the Omnia 2, Blackberry Bold and iPhone 3GS, i've decided to get the iPhone 3GS! Omnia 2 comes only in Black and i didnt really like it as its pretty bulky though the functions are pretty good since i've played with Mr N's Omnia 2. and i do realize its kinda lag which really turns me off~ the Blackberry Bold had been recommended to me by a couple of friends and i was really tempted to get it as it does comes in White! Plus its very fast and the graphics are really good! But its not touchscreen and i'll have to apply for a additional Blackberry service to utilize the pushmail~ a major turn off for me as well! =( (pretty broke now! so i wanna avoid any additional cost when possible~) and so the last on my list is the iPhone 3GS which does comes in white! (i like!), it has lots of applications which i like, and its recommended by majority of my friends! and so i decided to get it in the end though the thing i didnt like bout it is that it doesnt have the bluetooth function and its way tooooo common! i didnt really like to have the same thing that everyone else has! i prefer to be unique~ haha! but i guess in this case im gonna make an exception~ plus the iPhone was also an option i had been struggling with when i bought my Omnia last time! and since i already have the Omnia, i guess now i could have the iPhone! weeeeeeeee~ =)

gonna be selling my Omnia and also Mr N's Omnia 2 tomorrow~ and meanwhile i'll be holding on to a sparephone til i get hold of the iPhone 3GS in a couple of weeks time! haha! have to wait for my mobile plan to be at least 1 year!! but i would still have to pay a $100 fee since its still not more that 20mths~ but after some calculation done i still think its better than i get another line and pay the subscription fee every month for 2 years and have no use for it!!

so goodbye my beloved Samsung Omnia~ u'll be missed! (haha yea i know im very sentimental! as always!)

Last Glimpse of My White Samsung Omnia and Mr N's RoseBlack Samsung Omnia 2

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Day Out~

New Year Day Out~

yesterday woke up and prep and we went to pick his grandma and uncle and headed to Plaza Singapura to Lao Beijing on the 3rd floor to have Dimsum~ food there is not too bad, but aint that fantastic either. we could get food from the buffet section and also order some stuff which are not under the buffet corner~ in anyway i dont think i would go back there to eat again.

after which we shopped around and Mr N bought me my Geeky Spectacles! =) weeeeeeeee~ had been looking for one that is nice and unique for a long time! and i finally found it! I especially like the frame and sides as the shape is nice, not too big, nice colour and unique sides as its made of leather~ (i think) haa~ in anyway its not something that is easily found and seen everywhere~ so i really like it! Now i just have to bring it to the Optician and get the lens changed to one that fits me! =)


after which we left PS and head to Tampines for dinner where we had fish head steamboat, etc. after the yummy dinner we then head to Changi Beach Club to meet a few others of his relatives for Karaoke session~! =) during which me and Mr N went to scroll around and explored the place, which is really nice and relaxing as it faces the sea and beach! we enjoyed the scenery and the sea breeze for awhile before heading back in to sing and played with his very cute cousin Fion~ =) she's just so adorable and smart! and she pulled me into the kids playroom and into the pool of colourful balls to play with her and the other lil kids! gosh i felt like a GIANT in there! and im pretty sure i smashed quite a few of the plastic balls! hahaha! *oops* =p

but i sure had fun though i was really tired and totally drained! especially since we had minimal sleep as we slept at almost 5am and woke up pretty early to go out!

i can feel my eye bags and dark circles surfacing!! *screams*

anyway today woke up prep and we head to Maxwell market for brunch before heading to his relative's place to see his new born niece! She's such an angel! beautiful smile and is really petite! and i like their dog named Mickey alot! its a Shih tzu crossed Maltese! super cute!

anyway, after which we headed home before going out again to Changi Airport for dinner and head home after which to watch football~ but i was having a bad headache and eventually fell asleep~

Friday, January 1, 2010

Its a New Year! 2010~

Its a New Year! 01/01/2010~

had a countdown house party at Mr N's relative's place last night. as usual, the place was filled with lotsa people and activities going on~ there were 2 mahjong tables at play, people BBQing, people cooking at the balcony, eating and chatting, fondues, a poker table at play, people playing Band Heroes on the PS3, people playing with Aston (the resident doggy) and Abby (the resident Chinchilla), etc etc.

On top of the countdown and house party, we also celebrated Aston's 1st birthday! =)

i dont have the photos taken of that day, but i did manage to get some photos of Aston and his birthday cake~ =) super cute right! and he's pretty smart as well!

Overall it was a fantastic night which ended at 4+am~ Looking forward to a better year ahead~ and i wish everyday would be as fantastic, exciting and happy~ =)
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