Friday, December 11, 2009

Post-exam Getaway~

Post-exam Getaway~

im going to Genting Highland AGAIN~ LOL~

yea i know i just went like 2 mths ago, from 13-16Oct09! haha! that time went with Mr N, now im going again with Mr N, and his family and relatives~ so its a much bigger group this time~

and i'll be heading off on sunday morning~ from 13-16Dec09! haha! exactly 2 mths from my last trip there~

and this also meant that we'll be overseas again during our monthsary~ haa~ Yay! =)

Yay to cooling lovely weather and temperature~
Yay to being overseas to celebrate our monthsary yet again~
Yay to being with him~
Yay to more shopping~
Yay to casinos~
Yay to yummy food~

gonna go continue packing my bag for the trip now~ =)

will be back with more updates on the trip after im back on the 16th! =)

stay tuned!

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