Sunday, October 25, 2009

i Love Sundays~

i Love Sundays~

went out to Tampines 1 to have lunch to celebrate my Bro's bday in advanced since he wont be home but in camp on his actual birthday. Manpuku was where we had our lunch!

Food was Fantastic! in fact so good that i forgotten to snap photos!! haha! Anyway its basically a Japanese food hall concept that offers authentic Japanese cuisine in a Japanese gourmet street setting! 10 counters in the food hall will include renowned restaurant names such as BOTEJYU, YOSHIMI, HOKKYOKUSEI, AOBA and traditional Japanese food establishments famous for their dishes. You can probably visit the website to find out more! Totally recommended to all Japanese Cuisine Lovers! =)

end up i only manage to snap 2 picts! one of our yummy jelly like drink and ice cream~ =)

After a yummylicious sumptuous lunch, we walked and shopped around before eventually going home. =)

Anyway Happy advanced Birthday Lil Bro! =) *hugs*

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