Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Insomnia is getting from bad to worse!!

My Insomnia is getting from bad to worse!! mentioned i slept very late last night...and i also mentioned in my previous post that after tt post i would be taking a nap before heading down to Changi Airport to meet my mates. but i ended up tossing in bed for 1 to 2 hrs...and when i finally doze was only 15 to 30 mins before i was awoken by noises and the loud volume of the TV from the living room as my mum opened my door whilst i was asleep! and i really hate it when people open my door when im slping...cuz i dread noises, especially in the day as im not usually a afternoon napper and thus i can be quite a light sleeper in the day! on top of that i dread the light that was sipping thru the lil gaps of the windows, curtains and all~ argh~ i tried heading back to slp after i stomped my feet around my room and screamed to vent my frustration! but i just couldnt. and after an hr of frustrated tossing and turning, i went to the kitchen to look for my Cough Syrup!! The only final solution i had to get myself to slp!!

I didnt wanna tk it initally as i worry i would over slept and be in too deep a sleep and i worry i would feel drowsy even after i wake eating too much medicine isnt a good thing! thus i HAD tried to avoid it as much as i can....but the frustration i get from the insomnia was just killing me! and i badly needed a good rest! and so i drank a 1/4 or 1/2 a bottle of the cough syrup and headed to slp!

FINALLY!! zZzz....

and at 9pm exactly on the dot, i recieved a wake up call from Kelvin. but after i hang up i was still feeling very drowsy and thus headed back to slp til bout 10pm and i woke up to bathe, wash up and headed down to Changi Airport to meet my mates to continue mugging.

upon reaching i just couldnt concentrate..i was feeling hungry, sleepy, grumpy, and very drowsy! ate my dinner and stoned around for awhile before taking a stroll with Jerrain around the airport and bought Polar cakes to eat! Yummy! Thanks Da Jie for the chocolate cake which was really VERY SWEET and Sinful! =D But i LIKE! haha!


at about 2am, Seth, Valarie, Jerrain and Jeffrey left to catch the movie, Harry Porter. Didnt wanna join them though i was kinda tempted to watch it too, as they're both couples and i would be an extra if i joined. And so i stayed on with Alan and Kelvin as they both didnt wanna watch it, and we continued mugging til 4+am before the 2 of them couldnt endure the lethargy and decide to head home....but the ironic thing was...the longer i stayed on there, the more hyper and energetic i become~ guess its cuz the food in me had digested and the effect of the cough syrup had subsided!!

and so upon reaching home and washing up and eating the yummy chocolate cake, here i am now at 5.53am and am still online with my eyes wide open! =( guess i'll be gulping cough syup to slp again soon~ will need to go to KAP to meet them again to continue our mugging session at 3pm~

ENDURE JASMINE!! less than week more to go only!! after which i would be FREE! in need of drinks, partying, alcohol intoxications, companionship of my dear friends, swimming, shopping, the sun sand and sea, hugs and kisses, love, cuddles and warmth!!

anyway this is pretty random.... a "Get Well Soon" basket of gifts for my Mum from her company as she was hospitalized as mentioned!! and my Darling seems more excited than us! he was siting right beside it and inspecting me while i was opening the basket! and he even pose for me to take a picture of him with the basket!! Hehe! Yeap thats my cute little darling! =) Smiling so happily! hehe! I LOVE MY DARLING MUFFIN! =)


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