Thursday, July 9, 2009

i SPRAINed my Ankle!! Sobs!

i SPRAINed my Ankle!! Sobs!

in PAIN right now!! ankle is swelling up and looking like pig legs soon!

super silly and clumsy me as usual~ was walking from Cathay (as i park my car there) and walked over to PS to meet my classmate Glenn for dinner before heading to school....on the way...i bumped into Xan! been awhile since we last met!! and i got excited to say hi!! didnt see the steps! Tripped! Fell! Sprained!!!

Sobs~ super painful now~ after which i was limping to PS for dinner and limp to class! faints~ worse of all, i had to climb the stairs to get to class!! sigh~

after class went to Timbre Old School to meet an old friend Kevin to catch up! been awhile since i last met him! had pizza and buffalo wings and i had a pint of Erdinger White. chatted for awhile and enjoyed the lifeband singing there bfore we head home seperately. =) Its been nice catching up old friend! =D See ya again soon! and i hope your days at work would be better! Cheer up alright! Jia you! =)

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