Tuesday, June 16, 2009

shopping with Caelyn!

shopping with Caelyn!

met up with sweety Caelyn once again! This time round accompanied her to shop for her bf's birthday present! But as she came late again, she treated me to lunch cum dinner! Yay! haha! Went to Sushi Tei! Yummy!

after eating, we set out for the hunt of her bf's present! from Wisma to Taka to Lido Isetan! on the way we both bought new heels! hehe! wanted to buy the one she bought, as its really very nice. only problem was. its too tall for me!! Cuz im alrdy very tall and wearing such Killer heels that would make me taller than my bf! and so i settled for another pair which wasnt as tall, but still i liked it! =D weeeeeee~

After getting the gift, we continue walking around, had Gelato ice cream and after which found a spot to sit and continued chatting and did some cam-whoring before her bf came to pick her up and we parted for the night. =)


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