Saturday, June 20, 2009

counting down 5hrs 20mins!

counting down 5hrs 20mins!

Baby is coming back!! he should be on the plane now! and ETA would at 6am!! im so excited to see him i cant get to slp! but i think i better slp right after this post! else i'll look like a panda later as i need to wake up at 5am to prep and go pick him up at the airport!!

anyway just a brief run through~

today i was out suntanning and swimming again! this time not at sentosa though. met up with my gd friend Darren for lunch before we head down to the pool! weather was pretty weird today though. it was sunny yet drizzling for a moment, suddenly start to pour for 10mins and then the sun came back out again! haha! after which he went for his piano lesson while i went home to do some housechores and bath Muffin before heading down to church for Bible Study again! =) after BS, 6 of us, John, Shixiong, Emil, Xiuying, Shihui and Me went for supper at bedok before heading home. =)

as for now im gonna go zZzz...nitey~

hope Baby wont be too shock to see me being tanned and with shorter hair!! haa! =p surprise surprise~ i just cant wait to see him! MISSED HIM SO MUCH!!!

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