Saturday, April 25, 2009

A to Z of sharing passionate love with your love ones! ♥

A to Z of sharing passionate love with your love ones!

Absolutely adore each other!
Be Spontaneous!
Cuddle up close and cozy!
Discover new things together!
Entice each other!
Flirt for fun!
Gaze into each other's eyes!
Have private parties for two!
Indulge each other's desires!
Joke and have fun together!
Kiss kiss kiss!
Love with all our hearts!
Massage away the day's tension!
Nibble each other's earlobes!
Offer breakfast in bed!
Praise each other sincerely!
Quote love poetry!
Remember the little things!
Slow dance by candlelight!
Take time for tenderness!
Uncover our deepest feelings!
Vow eternal love!
Watch the sunrise together!
Xplore our romantic dreams!
Yearn for each other's touch!
Zzzzz in each other's arms!!


Dorothy L said...

Very well said and written.
Now if every relationship would use this list as their rule book...all would be successful and happy!

I am going to post this in my self-esteem forum with a link to your page.

Thank you!

Yuriko said...

Thanks! =)

Yeah i agree! Thats why i've shared it with my love one and told him we should start using this list! =)

Sure go ahead! and thanks for linking back! =)

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