Friday, April 17, 2009

i HATE swollen eyes! ARGH!

i HATE swollen eyes! ARGH!

woke up this morning with a VERY swollen eye! it was so bad that i can hardly open my left eye. its as if my left eye is only a line! -.-"

it totally spoilt my day. i was suppose to meet Da Jie for shopping today. but end i couldnt. sigh. and i was so looking forward to it.

im so sorry Da Jie. i really dont mean to 'put aeroplane'.


stupid swollen eye caused me to be BORED the whole day! i wanna go out!!!! =(

my swollen eye! see the diff between my actual eye and the swollen one! =( and this is taken after i applied eye drop and took a nap in the afternoon. so its slightly better than in the morning when i woke up. but it still looks horrendous! SIGH!!! i look like i've been punched badly in my left eye!!!

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