Thursday, April 23, 2009

BORED to the MAX!

BORED to the MAX!

once again im feeling....yes, spell it out with me, B-O-R-E-D!!!

sigh. i've got nothing to do, no where to go, no one to meet...i end up listening to songs, reading through people's blog, disturbing my poor friends in msn, playing games in Facebook, doing lame questionnaires which i found on Facebook and thinking of things to BLOG!

i'm so bored and theres nothing much happening in my life to blog at all! i end up posting and blogging bout songs i like and heard, news i read and whatever that i can think of. gosh, my blog is getting boring dont you think? and now to make matters worse, im complaining and ranting!!

peeps, please pardon me yea!! i gotta find things to do!!

yeap! heres the list of things i'm gonna do tomorrow!

1. Go jogging! (it better dont rain!)
2. Clear my clothes rack which is piled with clothes (and may collapse anytime just like what happened to the previous rack that broke in half -.-")
3. Pack my dressing table which is starting to get messy again! (i just cleared it last wk!)
4. Facial Mask time!
5. Do some housechores.
6. Search through my closet for clothes to wear for my upcoming photoshoot.
7. Do up SummerBreeze (tts for me to know what it is. shan't disclose this yet)
8. Meet my other half at night.

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