Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Lil Muffin is going for his Grooming Session again!

My Lil Muffin is going for his Grooming Session again!

But before he does so i better take some pictures of his long fur! As i plan to have them cut off to about 0.5cm!! haha! that would be really short! But i dont have much of a choice. His fur is tangling up pretty badly these days no matter how i comb as he has been at home along these few days as everyone at home is working, im studying for exams and my bro is in camp. Thus he tends to lick himself pretty often. Ended up i have to cut off some of it, resulting in lotsa patches and uneven-ness, as its been matted up very badly and trying to comb them through would cause pain to my Darling! Aside from that, he had a bad tick attack last month which has since been cleared and taken care of, but that meant he cant go out for his favourite walks as often as his fur is too long and ticks can hide in them and not be seen which is pretty dangerous.

Thus not wanting to risk anything and wanting to bring him for more frequent walks, i've decided to keep them SHORT til next time when i really have the time to really maintain and take good care of it!

As for now, here some pictures of his LONG fur before grooming! Will upload his after grooming picture soon!! =)

Muffin with my Pooh, Piglet and Tigger! He's almost the same size as them!! hehe! Tts how small he is! =D My friends even commented that he can camouflage in with them as he looks just like a plushie too!

His Backview! His center-parting is so straight and nice! I must mention that its natural! =)

My Darling Muffin! Haha he's sucha vainpot! With each click of the camara he turns to look at a different direction as if wanting me to take his side views and different views of him! haha! And as for me, i just happily click non stop on the camara! =)

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