Thursday, January 29, 2009

busy busy week! Day 1 & 2~

busy day 1 & 2~

after the day of the accident, which is Wednesday, i was practically driving ard the whole day! drove to ECP in the morning for breakfast at McDonalds, had the yummy Sausage McGriddles with Egg..after which we went to Ubi Traffic Police Station to file the report for the accident. after which we went to the British Council at Napier Rd to book the date for his English test which is required for the Aussie PR application. Then to his bro's place to pick up some stuff, went home to have lunch, went out again to Raffles medical for his bloodtest and check up again, followed by going to SinMing to settle the car stuff and collecting the rental car, a Red Toyota Vios, before we drove back to Raffles Medical to collect his medical report and back to his bro's place to collect my car before we drove back to my place to drop off the car and fetch Muffin back to his place.

as for Today (Thursday), we spend the whole day rotting and resting at home, watching some movies online, watch tv and played with Muffin. And as he's on medication, he kept slping the whole day, thus we didnt go out. At night, he send me and Muffin home as i had to go back to office for the opening ceremony.

to be continued with my Busy Week~

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