Friday, September 26, 2008

Weather is Bad, Traffic is Bad, Congestions everywhere. Its a Unlucky day for me overall!

Weather is Bad, Traffic is Bad, Congestions everywhere. Its a Unlucky day for me overall!

It was raining cats and dogs this very morning, prepared for work and went out the usual time i would. End up. i was stuck at the MRT station awaiting for my train for more than half an hour! Every train cant be boarded as its super duper wuper packed!! the platform itself is already packed with people. Every train that came is the same thing. End up by 8.30am i was still at the station waiting for for the train, when i should be in office already. couldnt wait any longer, and decided to follow a few others to take the train on the opposite side going towards pasir ris, as its pretty empty. wanted to stop by Bedok or Tanah Merah. But its as packed. Therefore i alighted Simei, and board the train from there. Even so, i had to squeeze my way in! Its really horrible~ people pushing you ard and squeezing you. I HATE IT! stand all the way til Raffles place and i felt pretty weak alrdy. Almost fainted in fact! sigh`.. probably cuz i cant stand for long, plus there isnt enough air and oxygen for the amount of people in the train! it was super packed that we cant move even an inch! faints~

Upon reaching Raffles place, i felt super relieved. walked as fast as i could, as it was already, 9.15am when i reached Raffles place. End up when i came up into the surface, i felt like crap again. it was still raining! faints! silly me didnt bring my umbrella, or rather, i couldnt find my umbrella! sigh`.. so i had to dash thru the rain as all the shelters that was once available was blocked somehow due to constructions and renovations. therefore, i was caught in the rain. Upon reaching the back alley of my office, there was a terrible flood! and as i was rushing and being a lil brave and silly, i actually walked thru the flood! i didnt know the flood was so deep and high! cuz it looked shallow! faints...end up...when i was half way thru it, my shoes almost float away and the water level had reached just below my kneee! faints! thanks god i was not wearing long pants or slipper, else sure float away! a few pple watched me in amazement, and i felt totally like crap! i should haf wlaked slowly and walked the longer way to avoid the stupid flood! sighh..but anyway i went passed it and reached office at around 9.30am! 1 hr late! Thats when i realise, im not the only victim! there are a few others who encountered the same problem too! Totally regret walking thru the stupid flood! -.-"

anyway, with that said, i must say, all these is mostly due to the upcoming F1! argh~ becuz of the road closures, people end up taking the train instead of driving~ therefore causing a overwhelming no. of people taking the train that cause this problem! Crap~ i hope this nonsense would be over soon~

with alllll that said! i kena 2headshot in office today! Damn suay day sia.. morning like tt...afternoon just as bad....argh!!! i cant tk it anymore! 1 or 4 mths more~ and i'll be gone! that im VERY sure!

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