Tuesday, September 16, 2008

terribly SICK!

terribly SICK!

sigh..like i've mentioned in previous few post..the weather have been very bad! its now my turn to fall sick! *sulks* it was so bad that i was almost bedridden yesterday! sigh.. from Fever, Flu, Sorethroat, Cough, Vomitting, Headahce, Bodyaches.. sighh..i didn even haf any strength to get out of bed to walk..end up the whole time i lie in bed. dont even haf appetite to eat..=(

gotten a 2 days mc, and i should be back to work tmr.. dont know by tmr morning would i b better..else haf to tk more mc le..sigh~ i hate being sick! water taste awful! dont feel like eating, and i vomit wateva i eat...sighh.. so much medicine to eat as well! at least 6 or 7 different types ya..hais... no wonder im vomitting non stop~ sighh.. i vomit everything i eat and drink~ and my stomach feels so empty now~ im pretty sure i've lose some weight during these 3 days! =(

god pls heal me~ thanks! Amen~! =)

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