Friday, September 12, 2008

bad weather.

bad weather.

weather has been pretty bad recently. rain. scorching hot. rain. scorching hot. one moment u're fine, next moment u're sick. ytd evening, after work, was with my classmates as they're having dinner, when i received an sms from Baby saying he's sick and visiting the doctor. got pretty worried and i just couldnt stay still. went to class feeling uneasy, and during brk time i decide i cant stay on anymore. therefore, left class right away, took a cab and rushed home, got changed into something more comfy and drove down to baby's place with some cooling tea to ease fever and flu..

upon reaching, baby opened the door for me, and his mum said theres kfc to eat. faints~ looked really sick and awful..running a high fever and his whole body and head are very hot! not warm, but hot! u could probably literally cook an egg ya...made the cooling tea for him to drink, found some cooling pads in the fridge and stick them onto baby's head. watched him slp and i finally dozed off too..

in the morning, woken up by my alarm. checked baby's temperature. and thank god! his fever have subsided! =) so happy and glad he's feeling slightly better finally i reluctantly left his place and went home to prep for work le..

just received a call from mummy, and she told me wat happened at home after i left hm last night..well..its said tt dogs are man's best friend. and i must say tt i totally agree with that, ever since i've gotten Muffin. Apparently, after i left home last night, Muffin started whining and scratch the sliding door hoping to open it to find me..end up my parents have to try get his attention with treats, but even that didnt they have to carry him and pet him for awhile before he finally calmed down...and at night, mummy told me he dragged his cushion to my room door which is closed and slept in front of my door! when i heard that my heart totally sank...super heart wrenching right? super sweet of him....guess he thinks i dont want him alrdy and am waiting for me to come home... no wonder when i got home just now he was super duper excited and keep blocking me way, trying to stop me from going to work~ awwww~ i love my lil precious Muffin!! he's just the sweetest things ever! =) and oso the best birthday present i've ever received!

anyway...tonight and tmr gonna be pretty rush for me~ have to do some last min prep and tmr need to do some grocery shopping~ hehe..kinda excited! but yet some what dissapointed with the terrible response.. sigh...imagine...out of so many people tt u invite, and yet now only less den half replied to cfm attendance. and my guess is probably less den half are attending..sigh... dunno if i've ordered too much food le....=( everytime ard this time of the year..somehow i'll always be very sad and disappointed. and i really dread it.... praying and still giving it a lil hope that this yr will be different......

qihui and cecilia are coming down to meet me for lunch later! weee! =) cant wait to see them..hehe!

just recieved sms from Baby...he still aint feeling well..sighh`..was just informed by him that his fever is back again.. =( worried~ having very mixed contradicting feelings now..happy, sad, worried, excited, contented yet disappointed..faints~

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