Saturday, July 12, 2008

Muffin's first grooming session!

Muffin's first grooming session!

feeling very tired tis very morning...tts cuz my lil rascal woke me up at 12plus midnight, 2plus in the morning, 4+am, and at 5+am woke up to feed him before i went back to slp..and was awoken by him again at 7+am before i decide not to go back to slp..prep and brought Muffin for his first grooming session..after that went with mummy and daddy for breakfast at Marine Parade before following them for grocery shopping..after which went back to collect Muffin! bought some treats and stuff for him and we left for home..he's now so neat and nice..and definately as adorable as always!

took many photos of him of cause! hehe..and in the afternoon went to KAP to mug with my circle of trust til 8+ before fatigue took over me completely..and i just had to get home asap before i couldnt even drive properly!

anyway theres just too many photos of him now..but i've decided to pick out a few and put them in a collage instead..=) happy viewing..


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