Tuesday, July 8, 2008

counting down 7days to exams!

counting down 7days to exams!

just an update.

last saturday, went to Unicampus for out last lecture OD..after which we went down to KAP to study again...studied til 9+ before i left for home..

as for sunday, decided to stay home to do my own revision..and at night went for dinner at Cafe cartel with my family and we brought Muffin along! he looks super cute in his bag... hehe..after dinner, went to NTUC fairprice to get a watermelon for Baby while my parents went to pick up some groceries..send my parents and muffin home before i head out again to Baby's place...


as for ytd, woke up early and drove myself home..upon reaching home Muffin was super excited to see me! he's just sucha darling~ hehe..prep and went to work..and after work, went to Long John at Douby Ghaut to meet Mike Korkor for dinner and study! yeap..he's my QMM tutor! and he sure has lotsa patience teaching me..as i was pretty frustrated and was practically slamming my calculator..haha..left at 10+ and i went home feeling mentally exhausated!

anyway...Thanks Korkor for dinner, chocolate pie and your precious time and effort in coming down and tutoring me! hehe~

as for today back at work..feeing kinda zombified! gotta be going home to do my revision again~ ciao for now peeps~

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