Saturday, April 19, 2008



ytd night was a rare occasion that i didnt meet my boy as he had something else on...therefore after work, i went home to prep and rest for awhile before meeting up with Cynthia and we went to VivoCity to meet her 2 friends, Darryl and YiFeng..and we head down to St James, Movida! Fun night out with drinks, dancing and phototaking! I just love to shake those hips with my darling Cynthia! Haa.. Wulala~

as for today gonna rest at home til i'll be meeting my boy later =)

have yet to get the photos from Cynthia, therefore can only upload some narcistic photos of yours truly taken at home while waiting for Cynthia! haa`..just sad tt i was having a slight sore on my right eye! notice tt is red! =(


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