Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Its finally OVER~

Its finally OVER~

the battle with the paper are finally over..but only for last semester~ my new semester is gonna commence next monday!! duh..totally no brks in betweem...sigh`... so tiring!~

dun ask me bout my paper..cuz im gonna blog it out here once and for all..and i du wish to tink of talk bout it for now! its been paper...wateva we studied..only 1 question came out...of which i couldnt rmbr anything about it when i enter the exam hall as i was simply too tired tt i had a very bad mental block! therefore i ended up having to answer 2 questions that i totally didnt study for! had to bullshit my way ard...turn out its like im tested on my bullshiting skills instead of the marketing paper! for my economics of industry paper ytd, i was having a really terrible flu since i woke up..sneeze nonstop and i was pretty much an irritant in the exam hall as well..when the paper ended..i had a whole mountain of tissue paper beside me...duh...anyway..paper was still alright as i did study a little on it...and could still recall some stuff...but i ended up ahaving to crap ard again as i didnt manage to write much! *double sigh*

now all i can do is to pray very very hard that i could at least pass all my papers! this semester is really horrible...wasnt well prepared...too much games and distractions~ i really need to buck up and work harder next semester!

anyway..after my paper..went home to rest for awhile before heading down to Tampines Safra to meet my boy for dinner at Sakura..didnt manage to eat much as i wasnt having a very gd appetite since i wasnt feeling very well...after which...went back to his place took some medication and went to slp right away...

as for back at office again....boring!~

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