Friday, March 28, 2008

im so dead.

im so dead.

im really anxious bout my upcoming 2 other exams...but yet, i cant seem to concentrate or set my mind to study hard for it..i tried mugging....but my mind kept wondering off...many a times i feel like giving up my studies....and even my job...its really so tiring....i just feel so lethargic all the time...i honestly dread work and studies...

but yet i know i haf to hold on for another 1 yrs 9mths and complete this course.. cuz i dont wish to disappoint my parents and pple ard me..including myself...adding on to the fact that in sg...i cant survive without a frigging degree...and not just a degree..but at least a 2nd upper class Honours...of cuz a 1st class would be better..but at the rate im going...i dont tink i wanna aim too high and disappoint myself later on...i cant afford to fail anything...this puts me in alot of pressure...probably the overwhelming stress had made me give up...and made me feel very sick of studying... well in fact since young..studying have nv been my forte or interest...

sigh...oh god..pls give me the strength to carry on..

from now.. i have only 2 and a half days to cramp everything up for my 2 exam paper! and i totally know nuts! i cant rmbr a single things i've read for the pass few so screwed!

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