Tuesday, February 5, 2008



[tuning to: all out of love]

last wk sunday, after my piano lesson, went for dinner with bf, Ansley, Adrian, Aaron and JiaLiang at Serangoon Central.. dinner was pretty sumptuos..had chilli crab, butter crab, butter sotong, kangkong, omelette, pan-fry tofu, soup.. the butter crab and butter sotong is delicious!~ i couldnt stop eating..haa...but its like 2 of the most fattening items as welll..faints...but well..its recommended to go try ya..plus its dirt cheap~ can ask me for the address if u guys are interested. =)

ytd and today had been very busy for me at work...i felt so stress i almost went nuts.. theres just so much to do and rush... probably cuz CNY coming...hate it during these festive seasons..always have to rush alot of crap..and today after work, went shopping at Orchard with darling Cynthia..we pratically got stucked at DFS the whole night~ and both of us ended up with a big bag home..haa...i finally got myself the Gucci bag i've been eyeing since 1 yr plus back...haa...dunno wat suddenly hit me that made me change my mind and buy it..cuz i was never brand conscious...but i guess i really like it too much..and felt i should pamper myself after all the hard work..haa`... and darling Cynthia got herself a matching Bag and Wallet from Burberry... nice nice~ just too bad im not a huge fan of Burberry... but we both got almost the same design of bag..only in different brands.. haa`.. happy with our purchase, we head down to Swensons for dinner as everywhere else is closed and we're pretty famished...after which we both made our way home..

my new bag~ loves~ though it quite a old design alrdy..but i still love it~

and now upon reaching home...though im really tired... had to help mummy with some housechores..and i end up being unable to slp..tts y i end up here blogging..haa`... anyway...i'll have to try go slp after this as i need to go to work tmr..and after work need to get home to help with more housechores~ another long day for me tmr~

hereby wishing everyone an Advanced HAPPY and PROSPEROUS CHINESE LUNAR NEW YR! Gong Xi Fa Cai~

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