Friday, January 4, 2008

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2008!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2008!

2008 New year Resolution
  • Stay healthy and happy!
  • Exercise regularly
  • Study harder for my Hons
  • Work harder and earn more Moolahs
  • Conquer fear of falling and master the art of blading
  • Maintain a healthy and blissful r/s with baby
  • Priortize and manage my time well
  • Control diet, eat less and lose more weight!

i just realise i haven got time to update my blog since xmas~ tts cuz i haven really been home~ office closed from 29dec07 til 3jan08..which means i didnt have to work for 4 working days..of which 2 are public holidays and the other 2 are co.'s holiday where everyone else have to get back to office..haa..therefore i end up staying over at baby's place til tuesday bfore i get home to do some early spring cleaning..cleared lotsa unwanted stuff that i've kept over the yrs..realise i've been keeping alot of rubbish all these while..haha...packed up, cleaned up and move lotsa things ard...and wa-lah~ now my room looks a teeny weeny bit tidier than bfore..haha..but as i didnt have enough time to really clear everything..i left 1 corner of the room still not exactly very cleared up..sighh..spend the 2 whole days to clear up and yet i still cant was so bad that i had to go over to baby's place to slp on wed night as my room is too messy to slp in..haha..and on thurs morning baby went to work while i went home to continue clearing til evening went to sch..and after sch continued to clear til ard 2am bfore i finally cleared up leaving a few bags of stuff ard as i still cant decide wat to do with those..haa..

as for my new yr..didnt really go out..instead Adrian, Jiabao, Jialiang, Jenson, his gf, Celina, Remy and ah hao came over to baby's place to countdown new yr by playing some board game which i found at home...and its only til now that i realise those board games could be so fun...haa`.. ate some food, e.g pizza, nuggets, fishballs, etc.. to go along of cuz...had quite a gd time...and we played til 4+am bfore they finally left...we cleared up the place and went to slp after which..

sadly no fotos to upload..shall update again soon... gonna go accompany baby ler..=) tata for now... and once again..Happy new yr~ wishing everyone a great yr ahead~

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