Friday, November 30, 2007

i feel so screwed! argh!

i feel so screwed! argh!

[tuning to: jack johnson - rodeo clowns]

just came back from my last paper today...FPOM. its total crap! i've not felt worse after a paper. the exam hall was super cold tt i was literally freezing in there.. it came to a point i can hardly feel my fingers and the pen im holding on to, plus i was having a very bad running nose. sigh`..

wat made me felt worse was MENTAL BLOCK! i totally cant rmbr my facts..and worse of all..i studied too much facts and had so many abbreviation for each tt i mix all of them up~! and the 2 question i focused on and expected would be tested didnt appear...TQM and Responsibilities of Operation Manager. sigh`.. feeling so upset...and it feels like all my effort have gone down the drain for nothing...sighh`... i've not felt so terrible after an exam for a long time... and tis have really affected me alot... in fact its worse den marketing! i personally feel marketing have a higher chance of making it thru compared to this.. dear god...pls help me thru this~ i dont wish to have any i dont tink i can handle the failure after so much hard work being put in...and i dont tink i can handle so many modules in my coming yr 2 which will be commencing in 1 wk..

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anyway..i need a HUGE break!~ will try not to tink bout it anymore since theres nth more i can do about it but wait for a my result to be out likely in 2 mths + time...

as of now...i'm really looking forward to my KL trip with Baby next wk~ and also my upcoming HK trip with my babes~ =D i need lots and lots of retail therapy~

missing my baby lots...and i cant wait to hug him~ so in need of a big tight hug after the huge shock and disappointment from my exams... a few hrs more~

btw...gonna go tk a nap le..feeling super exhausted tt i dont even have the energy to eat lunch..sighh`...later still need to meet my colleagues for ktv session..followed by meeting baby after tt...i will need the energy for later for now`..

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