Monday, September 24, 2007

im back from BEIJING!

im back!

[tuning to: til the end]

im finally back on homeland..well..will be updating on my trip im now pretty busy!~ workload have increased! and my workstation is in a mess~ everyone have thier way of filing and doing things...and i have my own style and way too..turn out...i cant find my stuff after others have touched them~ and i'm pretty pissed off right now...sighh..therefore decided to come in and blog to destress before continuing~ else i'll go NUTS!

anyway..results for my exams last semester is OUT! yeah!~ and im pretty pleased with it...and yeap..i passed every module!

Module / Grade / Marks
LAW - A - 72
A/C - B - 63
OIS - C - 56 gonna get back to my hectic day at work ler..*ciao* for now~

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