Tuesday, August 21, 2007

if you think you can or if you think you cant, you are right.

if you think you can or if you think you cant, you are right.

[tuning to: lin yu zhong - xuan lu]

been a long tiring day...running ard the whole office seem to be a norm now.. haha...im so use to it tt i no longer complain bout it anymore..well unless im in a terrible mood..haha..only thing is...i've been in quite a gd mood these few wks ler..hees`..

would say tt i'm pretty happy bout my life now...have a 'not-too-bad' job with a not-too-bad income.. a wonderful family...some really nice caring friends and colleagues...a well balanced life...coping alright with my studies...and a 'oh-so-loving-caring-sweet-cute-charming-wonderful' bf..although everything is going pretty well right now...and im pretty contented...but still...tt doesnt stop me from improving....read a few really good books lately...and i just felt so motivated to work even harder...a sudden spur of energy to learn more...and achieve more in life... i've goals set in life...and i do hope to be able to achieve them one by one...it may not be easy...but im gonna strive for it~

Nothing worthwhile in life comes without a struggle.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal. -Earl Nightingale

think u guys will be seeing more n more of these quote in my blog ler...its just a form of reminder to myself ya... =) and i hope u guys do benefit from it too!

ok..back to the real world...while on the way home from work..came a call from Simin..she had wanted to ask me out...but i was alrdy on my way home..chatted with her all the way til i reach home..and the conversation didnt just end there..we continued chatting for quite some time...til Darling called..and so i hanged up the call with Simin..its amazing how we can go on and on for 2hrs plus..haha..and i love the fact tt we can chat on the phone everyday without fail when we dont meet up...and have endless things to chat bout.. =) and btw...tmr is gonna be wed! yeah~ haha..yeap...its "meet-baby-day"...i cant wait i cant wait~meet-baby-dayss are always days tt i look forward to.. when they say..absense makes the heart goes fonder...its absolutely true...whenever he's not with me...i just felt so...hmmm.... lifeless, restless...haa`... k anyway... just to make it simple. I MISS HIM!...lol..

Winners dont do different things. They do things differently.

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