Monday, July 23, 2007

a TOTAL flop.

a TOTAL flop.

i've nv felt this terrible after a exam...this is probably one of the very rare times i felt like crap...feeling depressed...full of regrets...but point crying over spilled milk... all i can do pray tt god would be merciful and at least help me thru this...hope the lecturers will be more lenient when marking...i totally cant afford to fail this~ next sem gonna be more stressed ler...4 modules next sem. im so dead.

woke up at 3+ am this morning...feeling super shagged now. when i enter the exam room today and open the question paper. i totally blanked out. i cant remember anything tt i studied at all. dun wish to elaborate further. all i can say is..its a Total Flop. crap.

gonna go slp now. need to wake up early and prep for tmr's paper ler. period.

and i cant wait for exams to end. cant wait til 12pm tmr !~ looking forward to ktv session with my classmates..and im so looking forward to falling into his ever ready warm loving arms.. =) i so need a hug right now! at least i would feel better and the thought of flopping today's paper wont seem so bad afterall..haa`.. okok...*touch*wood*choichoichoi* i dont wish for tt flopping part at all, the hugging would do!!~

Dear Heavenly Father, knowing u're merciful. pls forgive my lazyness and help me this time! and i pray that my classmates will all make it thru this term successfully too! as i wan all of us to grad together with gd grades and a gd Hons Degree! Thanks! and i pray all these in Jesus's precious name. AMEN!

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