Saturday, July 21, 2007

STRESSED. Drained...

STRESSED. Drained...

[tuning to: Camera Obscura - lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken]

just had my Business Law paper this morning. and my study group overstudied! lol..apparently we study so much and totally went out of scope..and turn out the exam only came out only a bit of wat we studied...can die..and mind is totally jammed up with info...too much law cases and what not...and its making it hard for me to absorb my OIS which wil be on Monday! crap~ im now very worried bout my OIS as i totally cant tk in anymore~ and my the Biz Law cases are haunting me!~ scary! =(

anyway...wish me luck man! and oso for my Accounts paper on Tuesday! hoping time flies faster!~ thers so many things i wanna do after exams!~ ktv, cafe del mar, guitar, swimming and catch up with frens!~ i need a brk! i need to destresss!~ SAVE ME!~ im drowning in my pools of notes, books, law cases and many many words~

im so super stressed that i ate so much recently! its pretty scary i must say....if u see me now..u'll agree....well..see what stress can do to a person! ARGH!~

and yes..i've just changed my layout! was trying to destress and therefore..."Wa-La!" haa`...i like this layout wor! its just so sweet, yet simple...and PINKY! lol` all time loyal and faithful readers since my very first blog til now should know tt im a very pinky person in the past..and most of my layout are oso rather pinky..haa`...i just LOVE pink! =D

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