Wednesday, July 11, 2007

sick AGAIN!

sick AGAIN!

[tuning to: darren hayes - unlovable]

sigh...sick again...went to work this morning and during lunch time i had to go home ler..too sick and dun wish to spread germs to my lovely after work...went to haf lunch with siewling den went to find cynthia and her cous to chit chat bfore they went back to work while i go to citilink to collect my pants and head straight to see the doct under my blk..and head home to nap after my medications...

exams r nearing...i cant afford to b sick! and thanks to those who bombed with me well wishes..=) and thanks Stanley for offering to come down find me..but im just too sick to meet pple now..dun wish to spread germs and make pple ard me sick too~ but its definately sweet of u and it brightened my day quite a bit..and ur call definately put a huge grin on my sickly face.. hehe.. =D

as for ytd...didnt go to work as i was alrdy feeling kinda sick therefore stayed home to revise on my studies....and at night as i was feeling freaking stressed out...therefore met up with kev for pool session...and after which head down to haf dimsum...and den he send me back ler... gonna go rest n continue my mugging soon...*tata* to all..=)

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