Tuesday, July 31, 2007

frigging fat!

frigging fat!

[tuning to: The Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance (Feat. Fatlip)]

work is crazy!~ and im freaking stressed up yet again! just when i tot exams are over.. =( the workload piled up ever since my beloved Qihui and Cecilia left...to make it worse...the number of orders is even more then when they are ard....its terrible~ clear2 to 4 orders each time i go to the tray..including the orders that came to me personally and the orders that i gotta help Qihui follow up...its nv evnding...the tray is nv empty....and it just keeps piling up!~ its scary i must say....

on top of that...the fats is piling on my 'alrdy-very-fat' stomach...=( its adding even more stress to me..every morning i'll have trouble finding clothes to wear as my tummy will show..and i cant even fit into some of my nice clothes anymore.. =( sighh...its getting from bad to worse...and i've decided to do something about my diet....just the situps and crunches alone arent helping much...so im gonna change my eating habits!~ and as wat i told baby...i'm gonna make sure there improvement by my upcoming birthday! tts like in another 1 and a half mths! weeee!~

as for today...after work, went for dinner with Cynthia darling at The Asia Kitchen ard Raffles Place...Republic plaza to be exact...den we head down to Tampines to do some Retail Therapy! hahaa`...as usual we both went home with bags of clothes and shoes...haha`...=D Shopping can definately brighten my stressed up day...only thing is..i got so fed up especially wen i try clothes...and i feel i look so awful in those nice clothes...as my tummy is bulging...and its so FUGLY!~ =( *sulks*


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