Sunday, July 22, 2007

ARGHHHH!! @#$%*

ARGHHHH!! @#$%*

[tuning to: once in a lifetime]

im going NUTS! STRESS STRESSing STRESSed! i totally dunno wats going on! im totally lost! whole day tried to study...but nth seem to enter my head! turn out while trying to study...i keep eating and i eventually dozed off...went to have a shower tinking it'll keep me awake and more refresh..but guess what...after i bath...i dozed off right away! can u imagine how drained and shagged out i am! argh!~ so in the end decided tt my room and house is totally a uncondusive place to study i went out to National Library's Hans to meet Glenn to i totally need his help! ended up...though i did study..but i was more engrossed in eating the cakes and drawing nonsence!~ and i was so tired and stressed til i lost my way and suddenly lost my sense of direction...luckily i spot a place familiar and found a cheaper parking place...haha`...crapp... GOD...pls save me this time!! amen!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket feeling super shagged now..gonna go zZzz first...will be forcing myself up at 4am to continue muggin ler..and after'll be war time again!~ WISH ME LUCK GUYS!~

and Darling!, I miss u truckloads! cant wait for my exams to end!~

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