Thursday, May 24, 2007

results are out!

results are out!

ytd..went to work as usual..after which went home to change and haf dinner..after which Kev came over to pick me up and we head down to Marina Square to catch "Pirates of the Caribbean at World's end"...and he bought me Rojak! yummy!~ he actually went to queue up for it!~ hees`..after the show, he send me home ler...

as for today, went to work as usual...while at work..Jerrain informed me tt the results is out..i was so excited and anxious and called my dad right away to go check the mailbox...and den he sms me my results,
  • Accounting - 56 - C
  • OrganisationalBehavior&SociologyOfWork - 54 - C
  • QuantitativeMethodsinInformationMgmt(Stats) - 66 - B

sighh..kinda disappointed As at all though im quite please tt i passed my accounting...and i actually got better results for it compared to OB! gosh...super disappoinbted with my OB as i tot i'll at least get a B for it and i was aimming for a A for my QMIM...sighh....this semester i gotta work harder le! i wan better grades! anyway...went to meet Sebas for dinner bfore we head to school together...after sch..Kevin surprised me by coming over to school to pick me up and send me home..hehe..and he got me chocs from Sins! its so nice tt i dont bear to eat them la!~he's really sucha sweetie!~ and in it was a note from him too..but tts for my own viewing and reading pleasure...not gonna post tt up...=p

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taken while waiting for him to come pick me up..
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my sweetie and me!
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the chocs..
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in the office toilet~ yea..camwhoring again! =p

P.S. Happy Birthday to my beloved cousin Shavon! *hugs*

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